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Storyridge Angels

A special program we offer to local business who help to support the many veterinary and health maintenance needs of the horses and donkeys who call Storyridge their forever home. When local business owners make a donation to the health fund we schedule a day for their staff to visit Storyridge, get a tour, visit with the animals and see the veterinary or farrier care provided by your generous donation. Professional photographs will be taken at the time of your visit and Storyridge will promote your business on our Facebook page and website. Don't forget, your donation is also a tax deductible contribution! Become a Storyridge Angel today!

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Moses Day 1 15
Ohio Hope 1
_untitled_ 24
_untitled_ 5
Benjamin 11
_untitled_ 37
Justice and Grey  3
_untitled_ 174
Mercy and Rayne 13
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