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 Storyridge began with the simple desire to rehabilitate injured and abandoned livestock. Rehabilitating livestock, the most forgotten and neglected in our animal kingdom portrays the true nature of our core values. 


At Storyridge, we choose to walk with people and animals through their darkest moments, with no judgement, only hope and faith that beauty will come from the ashes.  We refuse to turn a blind eye to suffering that seems insurmountable, too difficult and heart wrenching.  Our personal stories  of brokenness and renewal  (and the stories of our courageous animals ) have prepard us and left us fearless; willing and able to encourage others as they write new chapters full of hope and healing.

As we focus on our mission, 2017 and 2018 our number one priority is properly laying out our business plan for funding, staffing and infrastructure. During this time we will be running limited programs with Turning Point, Mountain Crest and individual referrals.

Turning Point

Mountain Crest

Individual Counseling

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