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Joshua in a custom welded rehab-sling. getting laser therapy and physical therapy to heal and strengthen his muscles.

Joshua and SweetPea

May 20th

Joshua Lamb

The life of Joshua lamb began in early spring on a ranch somewhere in Colorado.  At just one week of age he was hauled to a livestock auction with his mother by his side along with hundreds of others.  A watchful eye in the auction stands spotted Joshua and could see that he was not walking well nor able to keep up with the fast pace of the herd.  When the gates opened to release the sheep, Joshua was trampled and left laying alone on the auction floor. His rescuer went down to the auction floor and gently scooped him up into her arms, she felt his broken leg and said a quick prayer for God's mercy.  After a bit of discussion and some phone calls, the auction agreed to release him into her care.  The assumption was that he needed to be euthanized so she waited patiently with Joshua bundled up in her truck until midnight for the auction vet to take a look.  He determined that Josh still had a fighting chance and gently put his leg into a cast and released him.  For four weeks Joshua was tenderly loved and cared for.  He required around the clock care, feedings and medical attention.  During his third week he developed Polio which left him completely paralyzed.  It was during this time that his rescuer reached out to Storyridge for some relief.  


When Joshua arrived at Storyridge he was tiny and struggling with life.  It only took a minute to see that he didn't want to die and that he was a fighter.  Sheep are notorious for their supposed inclination to 'give up and die' but Joshua was different.  He had a determined look in his eye and a very peaceful spirit.  He moved into Storyridge that night.  His playpen, medical supplies and  a  long list of 'how to's'  accompanied him.  After  several days acclimating him to the new environment he began physical therapy and laser treatment on his spine and legs with our beloved (equine PT) Erin Krois.  We had a rough start, He struggled with constipation and keeping him clean and comfortable was a nearly constant chore.  Within a few days we had a pretty good routine going,  we would load his playpen up into the back of my Yukon early every morning and drive him out to the ranch where he would get his physical therapy and spend the day working with us in the barns.  We took him out of his playpen 6-8 times each day to 'sling him' and straighten and massage his legs.  Every few days we would lower the sling just a bit to put more pressure on his legs to increase his muscle strength.  The effects of the Polio soon began to wain and his broken leg was mending as well.  We continued to bottle feed him and give him free choice grass, sweet grain and water.  

During this time an unexpected friendship began.  One of our rescued rabbits passed away of old age and her companion, Sweet Pea had stopped eating and was showing signs of depression and loneliness.  These two rabbits were mother and daughter and had been together with us for over 6 years.  We decided to place Sweet Pea in Joshua's pen to see if she would perk up. Within a few hours Sweet Pea was eating again and returned to her old self after just a few days.


On May 20th Joshua stood on his own for the first time and the look of triumph on his face was beautiful!  Soon after, his first wobbly steps began and within a week he was walking (and falling a lot) on his own.  He became very bonded to his 'people' during his rehab and followed us everywhere we went. We suddenly realized how true the words to "Mary had a little lamb' were!  He enjoyed sitting on our laps whenever he got a chance and also enjoyed naps in the shade laying on top of our chests.  Joshua became a very special part of the Storyridge family and strengthened our resolve to love and never give up no matter how hopeless the situation may seem.  Josh is now a year old and thriving here at the ranch with our three other rescued sheep.  They are our resident 'gang', always together grazing, playing and gleefully hopping around the grounds together in lifetime sanctuary.

Have I not commanded you? Be strong and courageous. Do not be frightened, do not be dismayed for the lord your God will be with you wherever you go.

                                         ~Joshua 1:9

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